Friday, 4 May 2012

Not just another movie..there is more to it !

Who says you can’t learn from the movies? This is from the movie After Sex. Being Brainz is not an easy takes a lot to come to a grinding halt to draw the line between love and sex..It was just last weekend when I was sitting with this tub of popcorn and coke on my lazy cosy couch  with my BFF Samantha  to accompany that movie buff in her romcom watch spree and then I pressed rewind when i heard this quote..So here's to it from the movie..showering some more wisdom about love and sex!

Love is not negotiable.
Love is a guessing game,
and that’s the beauty of it.
There are no guarantees.

It’s like diving into a pool of water
without knowing if its shallow or deep
and sure [yeah] if its shallow you end up
hurt and paralyzed from the neck down,
but if its deep…
[you know] its a leap of faith…
its like throwing yourself out there without
any guarantees, and that’s what life’s about.

You know those carnival games,
you know how some of them are really hard to win
and those that are super easy and everyone wins
well… that’s the difference between love and sex
Sex is the game where everyone wins a little prize
and no one goes home a loser
and Love is the game that’s really hard to win.
but if you do and you get to take home that
life size stuffed rhinoceros
and it feels a whole lot better than taking
home that little shitty plastic key chain.

signing off for now..
Brainz :)

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