Monday, 28 May 2012

How do girls get picked up at a wedding?

Well, since we have told you How To Pick Up Girls at the wedding !

I think it would be really nice for you guys to understand How We Girls Get Picked Up at the wedding?

You guys need an eye to understand what we girls are sending the message.

1. If we are looking at you, it necessary doesn't mean we want to have you for dinner after the wedding ! It may mean alot.
  • You are wearing a certain color we hate.
  • You remind us of someone we hate/love or a celebrity we hate/love.
  • Evaluate yourself or your fashion sense before making a move. etc.

2. If we are smiling or giggling, it necessary doesn't mean that we like you... It may also mean alot.
  • You look like an Ass.
  • You remind us of Justin Bieber whom few of us love!
  • You still remind us of Justin Bieber whom MOST of us HATE ! etc

3. If we are alone... its not necessary that we want you to approach us. It may (as above) mean.
  • We just broke up and hate ALL THE MALE SPECIES... Even DOGS !
  • We just want our time to speak to our current away from the relatives and friends just to discuss about our future
  • We are just LESBIANS and hate the Government for their Anti LGBT Agitation.

So next time when you are at the Wedding and looking for that target ! Always keep the possibilities in mind. Orelse you might get beaten up !

And Just a Tip... You can eliminate all this... By Just being CONFIDENT.

Thats the key and we girls tend to forget everything ! Except Commitment & Relationship... & How Much Money You May Have On The Basis Of Your Looks... yes that's about it !

We Girls are one hell of a Confused Specie ! Brainz Out !

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