Wednesday, 11 April 2012

When He left Her

That Last Goodbye 

A sad feeling overshades,a pain is felt
and i start feeling all alone,
wen ur thoughts come back to me
and i remember our moments now bygone!

I think of you and wonder what made you leave me,
i think of our times and wonder wat the reason could be,
i think of us and wonder did i ever love you less
and then i start cursing you for making me end in such a mess!

Its 2:32 am and the tears are falling hard,
i'm neither able to stop 'em nor i can stay apart.
your last words were hurting,those goodbye lines you said,
i still remember that feeling,i had felt so dead!

But then suddenly my mind drifts
and i remember the times you were realy there,
those moments of love,those hugs
that showed that once you did care!

I wipe my tears n call out your name,
but the pain in my heart is still the same.
You've been everything to me n i still love you to the core
'cause i'm gonna love you everyday n alwayz a day more!

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