Friday, 20 April 2012

Support him in no smoking...!

Heyy people..Today morning BnB shared with you the video telling you how smoking spoils sex..
Here's more to you for smoking....
Are you facing difficulties to make your partner quit smoking..??? just chill..!!!

BnB will tell you how you can smartly influence your partner to get rid of this unhealthy habit...


  1. If one of our friends is trying to quit smoking too, do with him together, it is best effective ways to stop smoking. Give a promise to self for quit smoking.

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  2. Yeah, I am always ready to support against smoking. I think, one of the best ideas to quit smoking is we should commit ourselves for this task. Really, it's a very needed thing to our environment would be smoking free because it harms every organ in your body.

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  3. I think people who have stopped smoking they will be very happy to support in a no smoking contest because they have faced this problem, and they know an importance of the quit smoking process. Everyone should avoid smoking because it could be responsible to increase smoker's heart rate and blood pressure.


  4. Smoking is a very harmful thing for everyone so, you all try to quit it. There are many ways available to quit smoking. If I tell you best way than use nicotine replacement products like gum and patches. First of all, please find a powerful reason to quit smoking because it can give you a more power to quit it.

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  5. I would like to personally tell you that stopping smoking is not easy but having positive attitude you can definitely do it.

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