Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Have You Ever BBMed Yourself?

Hello a note to end the posts for today I, Miss Brain wanna leave you inquisitive.How many of you have ever BBMed yourself?eh? confused?
Well, Yes I make sense when I say this because I want you al to give this a food of thought...Yes, make your brains work a bit for your own self sometimes - to figure out your own life and have some self introspection of who you are and what is your stand presently.

Here's to help you....

Have you ever BBMed yourself?!
                ….cause sometimes its important to know oneself better!

Everybody today with their blackberry phones and apple ipods think that their life couldn’t have been better!Waking up to a feast of delicacies and drowning in sleep after the late clubbing nights is a better life for them.Well,the question is What is your definition of a BETTER ? Do you delineate it as having a centrally airconditioned la-di-da  asylum  and having posh breed dogs who feed on quarter of your money?
I have an interrogation-How many times have you ever BBMed yourself?how many times have you listened to the music of your heart instead of your ipod buzzing that rap music?
The requisition here is but SELF INTROSPECTION.
We need to redefine your notion of humanity.We need to filter our thoughts of what do we do to make the things around us better and not just ourselves.We need to pause for a while from this busy reality and realize our commitments towards being better humans.
we cant just keep blaming the government or the neighbors or other households or other communities and set back waiting for some miracle to happen.
We need to effectuate that the power lies in us.
we require to process our thinking and apprehend that if  we think that others will put the garbage lying on the road in the dustbin then even we are “others” for them.
You as a human can make miracles happen only if you take the initiative of doing atleast your  part in the picture.So why wait for a law to be passed to follow traffic rules?Why  stick around for a mandate to be released saying thrashing the scrap on road will charge you with a fine?

Just do your part and be true to you commitments rather than dreaming big or scrutinizing major projects.As a poet said “The journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step.”
Inaugrate your actions towards self introspection and humanity.As Marcel Proust Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.”Gandhiji once said “be the change you wish to see”.Thats exactly how we need to assert ourselves to make our world a better place for you ,for me and the entire human race.

okay so here's Brain signing off on a positive note - Pause and Contemplate..Yes, BBM yourself!:)

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