Wednesday, 18 April 2012

7 things to make your girl feel special :)

1.Greet her with flowers :

Wanna be non splurgy on your budget and still want your girl to flash that smile when she meets you? Then, we advice you to buy her a beautiful rose or a couple of her favourite flowers.Flowers come for all seasons.So all you need to do is go to that florist next to you,get a flower and make your mistress enjoy the floral ecstacy because what will matter to her is that you made the effort of bringing something for her- And well you never know,her happiness might also land into some kissing spree *wink wink* ;)

2.Open doors for her:

It really doesn’t take much to be a gentleman.Whenever you go to pick her up make sure you get out of your seat,greet her with a hug and a peck and open the car door for her.This is such a little thing but will matter a lot to her.Really!

3.Chocolates and pasteries :

When was the last time she savoured on her favourite choco lava or a sweet candy?! Girls love confectionary ( most of them atleast )..So make efforts to know what your girl loves to hog on and out of the blue without any occasion, treat her a sweet tooth.And bet – you are bound to be smacked by her choco lips ;)

4.Go Public :

Though she must be apprehensive about being close to you in public,hold her hand and walk.Even if there are 100 people around you in the mall,don’t be reluctant about walking close to her.Grab her waist and walk-Trust me You have no idea how much girls like this-it makes them feel accepted,protected and loved. And to top it all,they love  when the single chicks around go green seeing she has got ‘the’ man  its at this time that she feels proud to possess you.So go ahead and show your love out there.

5.Give surprises:
 Well, who doesn’t like surprises? And yes Guys, girls are too fond of that “OMG” moment!Dont wait for occasions like her birthday or your anniversary to plan a surprise.A surprise works best when it is completely unexpected. And morover, the surprise doesn’t necessarily be anything big. Just a visit to a place she was longing to go, or tickets to her favourite actor’s latest flick ( 2 corner seats and a tub of popcorn and you are sorted ;) ) or knocking on her door with her favourite cake or pizza in your hand.She will be surprised and you’ll earn some brownie points ;)

6.Understand her : 
Being a girl , I know that girls have this habit – call it annoying if you want – of getting irritated unnecessarily , feeling low for no reason or crying over little things.It is at this time that you should keep your calm and understand.Just hug her and kiss her forehead.Nothing more matters to her than knowing that you can handle her even at her worst.

7.Express,Express and Express :

Girls like guys who have an inclination towards expressing themselves.It could be through anything – from a small message saying I miss you , a 5 minute call when you take a break from work to a long text conveying what she means to you.
Its these things that make her realize you are her Mr.Right.

So Guys, roll up your sleeves and make this endeavour because it Now or Never.

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