Monday, 18 June 2012

How To Keep Yourself in Her Mind !

If you think that simply by just meeting her, spending time with her,she will think of you whole day and night then you are mistaken bwoy!

There are lots more than just meeting her!

If u really want her to have you in her mind then give her an unexpected call or a visit, praise her about her hair, her neck her lips her eyes, share your feelings with her , tell her some incomplete story, thrill her then you will see how inquisitive she will be to see you again!

If you think simply by holding hands you can have her then a BIG NO bwoy!!!! Give her an unexpected kiss; make her  feel you!

If you think after waving her goodbye she thinks about you then NO you fellow, her eyes do roll to see other guys too!

Dress yourself, talk romantic, take her  for a surprise date , gift her  but don’t be desperate make her desperate then you will see how she will miss you every now and then!
There are lots more into it!

You never know of her mind, she might think of you as a dog who keep dropping saliva !
Deny her for kiss a day she will definitely feel about you but don’t repeat it every now and then she might  think of u a homo!

Whenever she asks you to call her just for a normal talk then keep her waiting tease her but don’t follow this always she might assume of you  not interested in her!

Don’t act cheap, respect her  feelings , feel love , make love, make good memories then I assure you bwoy, that sexy bitch will have only you in her mind!

Do watch the following video to get more idea of how to be in her mind!

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