Tuesday, 26 June 2012

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w Move on….w

Break ups, patch ups, huge diehard crushes to fall for are normal things in this world now. But when a relationship ends why does it always turn out that you think that you dated someone wrong or you hardly know that person. Give it a thought in most of the relationships that have ended people try to avoid talks about their ex`s  or even the know how about them strange isn’t it that person was the one with whom you were so much addicted to, a single sad smiley text would panic you.
Well to speak more its normal human tendency to do so because they can’t face the fact that he or she actually have moved on  with someone else  or they  are prioritizing some other thing be it your office work or family they start thinking that there are some changes in your behavior or that  spark of love is losing.
But after few time you still give it a thought what went wrong and later on repent on acting so stupid and fighting like cats and dogs and hearing the least expected things form them and getting depressed. Hearing these words “move on”, “stop acting like jerks” “you deserve some one better”, “don’t cry”… gets on the nerves and you feel that nobody is trying to understand you because they don’t know what is it to love someone and getting hurt but look at it other way they are saying all those stuffs to you because they really and care and love you.
You mum dad raising thousands of questions asking about your mood what happened is everything fine… and with no response from your side hearing those long hours lectures on you don’t give importance to your family stresses you more which ignites the frustration inside you and you bursting on your parents… but friends that is the fact for a minute stop being selfish and acting like despo think about people who remain by your side accepting the changes evolving in you…
  Yes it does gets an awkward situation  when you see you former partner hitting on some other girl in front of you or your girl coming in club holding some other guys hand and get jealous of and again in viscous circle of fights all over again.
Come on guys stop acting like a 4 year old child crying for a lollipop instead just grow up and accept the fact although a bit harsh . After all the attempts you have been trying to get her or him back have failed you just get into depression and just worsen your condition. 
Boozing around going high completely having idea where you are walking indulging in drugs, going all the way out and have casual sex, hooking up with people and making them feel your pain by hurting them, which increases your depression and obviously the aura and vibes around you.
Think it this way may be it wasn’t meant to be so those special things you had would always stay with you but you can defiantly have it again of course not with same person but surely you can make someone feel special and possibly that person would make an attempt to cheer you up. Get back in contact with your old friends whom you were not able to contact while your official affair may be you can have build up a new relationship with your ex and  turn out to be one of your bestie
Things go well if you think well so don’t get despaired to ruin your life infact give it a kick and start with a new energy instead of regretting and blaming other life is to live and enjoy and not to get distressed on.

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